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What should I expect?

You should expect to enjoy yourself! You will be in the hands of a highly trained professional therapist. After checking in at the front desk, your therapist will greet you, invite you to use the restroom before service, and then provide you with a brief consultation to address any of your needs or concerns. After consultation, you will be given privacy in the treatment room so that you can undress to your comfort level and comfortably position yourself on the massage table. Some minutes later, your therapist will knock on the room door and check to see if you are ready for your treatment. Let us take care of you. Time to experience Well Being!

Will my card be charged when I book an appointment?

A card is required to schedule and hold an appointment but it will not be charged until after your session if you'd like to use it as your payment method. Your card will be charged if you are in violation of our cancelation policy.

How much is a customary tip for massage services?

First and foremost, any gratuity is highly appreciated but not necessary. The most important thing is that you get a massage! We'd rather see you establish a regular schedule of massage for your health & wellness regimen than receive a tip. If you are going to tip, we typically see a 15-20% gratuity and cash is preferred. There is a small fee for credit/debit card tips. Our credit card tipping system allows our therapists to receive their tips instantly directly to their personal bank accounts which is highly appreciated by our team.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you normally wear, preferably something comfortable. We'd also suggest zero to minimal make-up wear and hair product. Once in your treatment room, you can undress to your comfort level or stay fully clothed. 

Why is drinking water so important?

Drinking lots of water before and after a massage will provide you with a better experience. Drinking water before your treatment allows your muscles to be more pliable, meaning that they are easier to work on which translates to you can getting better results! Drinking water after your massage is going to help your body eliminate the bad stuff and process the good stuff that was released during your massage. This will help to make you feel like a million bucks the next day.

What is your cancelation policy?

50% fee to cancel within 24 hours, 100% no show fee. Rescheduling within 24 hours may also be subject to a 50% fee.

Are walk-ins or same day appointments available?

All appointments are subject to availability. The best move is to always schedule ahead of time. Walk-in availability is rare. Same day appointments are hit and miss, odds favor more misses than hits. You can schedule using our online booking up to two hours in advance. Anything within two hours, give our studio a call at 234-678-0911 to check on availability. 

Do you accept insurance?

Although we do not accept insurance, many plans do cover massage therapy with a doctors prescription and copy of receipts. We would be happy to provide you with any receipt you may need.

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Why are Epsom salt baths so effective?

For hundreds of years, this salt discovered in the town Epsom, Surrey England has been used
to treat fibromyalgia, insomnia and even constipation. Add these salts to a warm bath to
replenish your blood magnesium levels, help break down lactic acid and reduce post workout
soreness. Magnesium and sulfate ions are absorbed through your skin and aid in more than 325
biochemical reactions that benefit your heart and nervous system. Adequate magnesium levels
are also essential for good sleep and stress management.