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complimentary aromatherapy.

for everyone.

WELCOMING: You are part of our community. We are a community-driven family. We care and want you to have a high level of Well Being. Upon arrival, shop around, or lounge before your appointment. No memberships, no high-pressure sales.

CUSTOMIZED: Each service is customized to your needs, preferences, and based on whether your looking for a relaxation or deep tissue/therapeutic massage done by one of our highly talented licensed massage therapists. Our in-depth intake form asks all the questions necessary to make sure you have the highest level of satisfaction during your visit. In addition, you can always feel free to communicate with us your requests so that we can ensure our services are most effective, meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

COMFORTABLE: If you have acne, are hairy, have scars, don't like your feet, or are uncomfortable with your body in any way, we are here to assure you that our massage rooms are a shame-free environment. If you need to blow your nose, happen to drool, fall asleep during your massage, or pass gas that is natural, normal and OK! If the massage pressure is too soft or too hard, tell your therapist. If you are in anyway uncomfortable, tell your therapist. We want to ensure you are comfortable here at Well Being. 

Please always arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork so that we can ensure you receive the best service possible. This also allows us to make sure you get your full allotted massage service time.

 save $30 when you buy a package of 3 massages in advance

save $90 when you buy a package of 6 massages in advance

Save $150 when you buy a package of 9 massages in advance

call or visit our studio to purchase a package