Why us?

Looking to heal and enhance your body, mind, or natural charm? 
You've come to the right place.

Extras That Don't Cost Extra

Each massage includes Aromatherapy, Heated Tables, Hot Towel Treatment, Eye Pillows, and Thermotherapy at no additional cost.


The Pressure You Want

Too light? Too deep? You don't have to worry about it at Well Being. We ask what your preference is and assure that our team of highly talented licensed massage therapists can deliver!

Effortless Scheduling

Schedule online in less than a minute. You choose what kind of service, when you want it, who you want your therapist to be, and enter your card details to hold your appointment. Quick, easy, and secure! Remember, we don't charge anything until after the appointment is completed.

Facials & Aesthetic Services

Not only do we offer high quality massage services, we offer outstanding facial and aesthetic treatments as well!

The Time That's Promised

We don't deduct time for consultation or undressing. You get your FULL time on the massage table.

The Conversation Level You're Comfortable With

Too much conversation can sometimes take away from the time you've set aside for rest and relaxation. On other days conversation itself can be therapeutic. Our intake form asks what you're feeling before you get here.


Customized For You

Our intake form and highly talented licensed massage therapists go over EVERYTHING to ensure you have THE BEST experience possible. 

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Monday 1pm to 9pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 1pm to 9pm

Thursday 1pm to 9pm

Friday-Sunday 10am to 6pm

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